Playboy Brazil: The Chocolate Flicker

Playboy 9

In the beginning there was nothing, then came Playboy.

First edition of the revealing magazine was created by Hugh Hefner in the 1950s in the United States.

In Brazil, the first issue came out in August 1975, Revista do Homem (Men’s Magazine), as military dictators censorship will only allow local names. The magazine was allowed to use its trademark name only as of 1980.

The Brazilian issue will follow the guidelines of mother mag such as the monthly interview, the 20 Questions interview and the blazing centerfold featuring the “Miss of the month”.

But the Brazilian edition has its own beauties, such as Coelhinhas (Bunnies), featuring a rather unknown models photographed by freelance photographers , and Click, which features candid pictures of celebrities in revealing positions.

Playboy Brazil is also focusing on local celebrities, the chocolate stars, with special emphasis on soccer star.

Playboy is viewed as the golden standard of nude magazines in Brazil.

Keep on glaring.


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Larissa Riquelme: Catfight N Topless

Larissa Riquelme decided it’s time for a catfight.

Catfight is a term for an altercation between two women, typically involving scratching, slapping, hair-pulling, and shirt-shredding as opposed to punching or wrestling.

Larissa appeared topless and wet on Venzuela’s top man magazine “Mas”. It’s a much different photo from the immortal 3D pics of playboy Brazil.

She lashed against  Zunny Castiñeira the beauty model of Brazil and other Paraguay models, pointing to superior international presence and global fans circles.  We are looking forward for more  catfights.

Larissa  also said that she has her eyes on Hollywood.

Looks like everything is going Larissa’s way.

Photobucket:  Larissa Shopped


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Playboy Brazil: The Blazing Centerfold

Playboy 1

Hugh Hefner Big Bang theory!

Originally titled A Revista do Homem, Hugh created the Brazilian edition, in 1975. It wan an instant winner,as the glossy mag with the unmatched hot centerfold with more local celebs on each edition.

The tan beauties with wide eyes and long legs kept on exploding  reader base. Playboy secret of success is soccer! and why not if Brazilians worship soccer.

Over the 33 years, hundreds of  of soccer related nude pics flashed the mag with a good dose of controversial issues sometimes.

Playboy was quick to grab Larissa Riquelme, the bubuzela of the World Cup 2010. The 3D pic was a big hit.

Few girls are well shaped like Playboy girls.

Flickr: Playboy Brazil


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