2M Views On G+: Why Google+ Helps Online Davids Slay Giants

2M Views On GooglePlus
You may think, “2M views so what, many have more than that,” and you would be right and wrong. Right because many friends including @Mark Traphagenand @Neil Ferree(to name just two) have many more G+ followers and views than little ole me.

The point of Social Media Marketing is not to win a horse race. The point is to communicate YOUR message in order to create scaled online community. Once your community more than pays for itself your “degrees of freedom” open up.

If you know of another “moderate effort, HUGE return” tool please share and I will use that one too. In the meantime G+ may be the best “do less, get more” online marketing tool ever created. G+ is Davids stone helping to slay giants – how else can a tribe the 4500 generate views of more than 2M?

So get out your sling and load up some G+ rocks today and your digital marketing will be slaying giants soon too :). M

Source: plus.google.com

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