Why women don’t need secret business rules from men / Infographic

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Leading finance company Ernst & Young has released an infographic detailing the “seven secret business rules men don’t share with women.”
According to its author Maria Pinelli – the firm’s Global Vice Chair of Strategic Growth Markets – male entrepreneurs have “unwritten codes of business conduct” that give them the edge.

malek‘s insight:

Here’s the main points

  •  Anyone who has even a vague grasp of current affairs will know women are woefully unrepresented when it comes to leadership in the workplace.
  • A 2009 study by the Fawcett Society found that 51% of women and men from middle management to director level identify stereotyping as the major hurdle facing women at work.
  • Men shrug off a thank you; but don’t mind your manners in front of women and frankly, that relationship is TOAST.
  • There are many reasons why women don’t get the top jobs in business.
  • Women don’t need to be like men in the workplace; we bring with us our own skill sets.

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