Undercover Palazzo Pitti – exploring women artists

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Artemsia Gentileschi ‘David and Bathsheba’, 1650-c. 1652

“Throughout the centuries women have had to work tremendously hard to make their voice heard, especially in renaissance Florence where most women’s destinies lied in childbirth and taking care of the home. Their voices rarely heard nor seen which is why this subject fascinates me as a very independent girl living in their same city, free to roam as I please. What we know less about are the amazing stories of those girls, who against the odds, didn’t follow the normal life-path and instead carved out a destiny of their own. In this case, I am talking about women artists that made their mark in Florence, Italy hundreds of years ago but who’s presence is still struggling to be remembered today.”

malek‘s insight:

Struggling to be heard is still a gender problem.

Interesting blog with lots of pop culture

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