Boobs To Deal With: Kate Middleton Vs Amanda Todd

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It’s plain and simple: breasts should not be taboo.

Comparing the two  stories of Kate Middleton’s nude photos and also the Canadian teenaged girl, Amanda Todd, who killed herself  after a man photographed her breasts and showed them to her friends on Facebook.

Isn’t posting sexually humiliating photos of a 13-year-old a felony? it sure is. But it’s a cultural problem in the first place.

Neither of these things should be a big deal, yet they are scandalous. It’s the e society that tells teen girls to think their naked boobs are something they should be ashamed about.

What about another dose of hypocrisy:  they say the publication of the pictures are an embarrassing nightmare for the duchess, but
they print the embarrassing picture right there on their cover.

When shall we see how useless are the taboos that surround fmeale nudity?

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7 thoughts on “Boobs To Deal With: Kate Middleton Vs Amanda Todd

  1. Guys take their shirts off all the time, and quite frankly, I’m getting damn tired of it. Women are getting slammed for the wrong reasons. If a guy takes his shirt off, he’s bad. If a girl does it, she’s a slut. The nipple ratio of male to female is getting way too out of whack. Screw sexism. Get naked. I mean…that did NOT go where I wanted it to.

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