Would YOU let your little girl be waxed? Children as young as ten are having their body hair removed to copy celebrities. So why do their mothers allow it?

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Girls as young as 11 now spend 45 minutes a day putting on make-up and trying to decide what to wear

Before she headed off on holiday, 13-year-old Melissa Southern, pictured, had a very important date – an appointment with her beauty therapist to get her legs waxed.

What began as the grooming of hair at the bikini line turned into Brazilian waxing, which left little more than a ‘landing strip’ in the pubic region. Now the fashion is to go completely bare.

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7 thoughts on “Would YOU let your little girl be waxed? Children as young as ten are having their body hair removed to copy celebrities. So why do their mothers allow it?

  1. This is appalling!!!! What have we come to as women? Millions of women fought for the right to self-determination, for the right to be judged based on the content of our character, skills, acumen, and intellect, and just as many women who have looked at these advances but have yet to achieve them, now see this???!!!!

    Every person in the photo above looks tortured and to me the look of quiet desperation on the face of the girl is painful and haunting. Wow! She hasn’t even begun to look like a women and already they are forcing her to artificially maintain a prepubescent appearance. It is one thing for a woman to make a conscious decision to be hirsute or utterly bare, but that is a choice made by a woman based upon her particular lifestyle.

    This girl hasn’t even begun to live as a women as she is barely into her teens. What these parents hope to achieve is beyond me. It would appear that they seek to return to the 50’s when women were made to be seen but not heard, ‘shagged’ but not enjoyed, and otherwise one more item in a collection of baubles. Despicable!

  2. I agree with you, Ayanna. They’re raising her to be an object. It’s alright to try to look beautiful, but she’s a child and as parents they shouldn’t impose their view on what does it mean to look good. What is aggravating is that they’re sexualizing her body and her view on what “beautiful means”. As a child, she shouldn’t be considered a sexual subject (nor an object!)

  3. My mom started taking me to get waxed at the age of 9. I was a very hairy little girl. Yes it was painful, but the pain of being made fun of for having a mustache and leg hair and armpit hair when all the other little girls didn’t was much worse. P.S. I was made fun of by the other girls, not boys. Locker room experiences were scarring because I had a pubic hair and no one else did. Of course I wanted to remove it…. My mother explained to me that I was just developing earlier than everyone else, but her explanations did stop the other girls from harassing me. For a girl so young, these choices are rarely because of sexual norms or repression of women by men, but rather because of how females repress each other.

    Now, because I’ve been waxing for so long, I rarely have to shave or wax. I find I’m much luckier hair wise than most women. The situation in the article is different, I’ll agree, but after my experience, when I have children, I would most definitely let my daughter get waxed if she wants.

  4. well i never got waxed 🙂
    if i had a daughter, or son all hairy, i might have, otherwise no. they can do whatever they want once they are old enough to understand the pro and con 🙂

  5. any grown man who wants any grown woman to look like a prepubescent little girl is a pedophile at heart.
    women, hair is natural…and real men love it.

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