Google Removed this Pic

A global embarrassment.

Google Street View faced a storm of protest before launching its service in Germany — and apparently for good reason.

An image of a naked man lying in the trunk of a car surfaced on the website on Friday, the same day the Street View service was launched in the country.

The photo shows the man lying naked in the back of the car, trying to open or close the trunk door on top of him, while a dog sprawls on the driveway.

The photo was taken in the city of Mannheim, one of 20 cities including Berlin and Hamburg, which were photographed by the Google camera cars.

However, Google has removed the image to spare any further embarrassment.

So, what could the naked German be up to?

1.  Fixing the brake light on a very hot day.

2. Working out if he can fit a body in the boot.

3.  Preparing for a kinky car boot sale.

4.  Getting his towel in the boot before an Englishman.

5.  Re-creating the classic German film Das Boot.

College Humor : Man that’s really embarassing for Google

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9 thoughts on “Google Removed this Pic

  1. actually he was wearing shorts, but because of its colour he seems to be naked.
    he was showing them at an interview as well

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