Jail Teacher’s Sex Movie with Killer

Prison is a tough place to live in, LOL

A  UK prison teacher was suspended after producing a porn movie of her having sex in jail with a murderer.
Beverley Van-de-Velde, a MEDIA study 59, filmed the hot movie with killer Richard Francis, 29, in a high security jail’s staff room. (If there’s a will, there’s a way)

In the movie she appears naked in a leather corset, thong and stockings – having unprotected sex with Francis in several positions. The feared gang leader was sentenced for 13 years for murder in 2002

Movie highlights:


The film starts with a credits page and slide-show of still pictures of the pair romping. The first scene shows Van-de-Velde giggling as she blocks the door with a photocopier

Francis then sits on a sofa before kissing Van-de-Velde and pleasuring her. After a couple of minutes they have sex in the missionary position before Van-de-Velde performs another sex act on Francis. Francis then moves behind Van-de-Velde and grabs the camera to film the action.

High security prison documents can be seen in the background and there is even an open window overlooking a prison yard.

She fell for Francis when she taught him media studies two years ago. She was suspended by the jail and her employer Manchester City College.

I told you it’s so dangerous especially with unprotected sex..


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