TSA searches Vagina’s

The TSA has announced that it will now search all vagina’s of airline passengers before they board an aircraft on internal US flights – an announcement that has caused not only anger and outrage but praise from others.

TSA spokesman Terry Clit told reporters “The vagina is a cavity that could be used as a hiding place for a variety of weapons and other explosives – some are of course larger than others and we will be only targeting fat women to start with and women from England, but will increase our searches as time allows.”

Horrified celebrity fatty Rosie O’Donnell told friends “This is an affront to all women – I may have a large vagina that could hide a bazooka but that is not the point – any TSA worker who touches my Lulu will get what’s for!”

However BBC Radio One DJ Chris Moyles, probably the fattest and biggest cunt in England is all for it.

“I would love for someone to search my minge – it will dispel the myth I am a total prick – just a fat useless cunt!”



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