Her Vagina Smells

This is embarrassing,

She is clean and always on strict hygiene, but her womanhood smells nasty!

As a good husband/boyfriend you won’t be the first to mention the fishy odor. Gradually she’ll notice the stink and start asking for help from her close circle of friends and relatives. (I told you, it’s sensitive)

A sister secret is to  put yogurt on her vagina, most of the time, that won’t work.

The next advise,mask the odor with cologne or perfume!

Fine, here’s a time tested method, frequent brushing  of your vagay! In fact that may increase the odor.

Now let’s use simple logic, your vagay smells like watever fluids your drink, if you drink Robitussin (cough medicine) , vagina will smell like medicine.  Better to drink some fruit juice like watermelon and wash as frequently.

Having done enough with folklore medicine , probably it’s time to go to the local pharmacist for a simple effective solution.

Hard to imagine the troubles a woman goes through with a vaginal smell.

You can watch a spoof here.


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