Breast Implants Can Save Your Life

The comparison between boobs and airbags has been around for a very long time.

The joke turned for real in at least one documented case, when the silicon implants acted as an airbag-like  cushioning device. It was a real life saver.

In 2006, a Bulgarian woman had a terrible car accident in the city of Ruse, both cars were fully demolished. Forensic experts say it was those jelly boobs that saved her life.

The impact was so severe that but for the busty system, the steering wheel would have crushed her internal organs including the heart.

Is this enough proof that Evolution dictates more silicon boobs especially for driving women?

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One thought on “Breast Implants Can Save Your Life

  1. Women who have had breast cancer, and then various corrective or cosmetic surgeries can grow new, nice looking breasts using molecules taken from their own body.

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