Peeping Tom: Ethics Professor?!


What’s a peeping Tom? a Peeping Tom is a person who gets pleasure, especially sexual pleasure, from secretly watching others; a voyeur

Russell Abratt, 57, of Weston, A Nova Southeastern University professor was arrested and charged with loitering for allegedly peering in his Weston neighbor’s windows

Russel Abrattwas arrested in the Sept. 20 incident. Abratt is a professor and chairman of marketing and decision sciences at NSU.¬† He looks like an international business marketing stud who taught or conducted research in 30 countries and on every continent. He co-authored several books and published more than 30 scholarly articles. His specialty: ethics, a subject he’s written about numerous times.

According to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, neighbors called police after they said they saw Abratt walking between houses and looking into windows. When a deputy confronted Abratt, the professor said that he was looking for a cat, the Sheriff’s Office said. He had told a neighbor he was looking for a dog.

Scientists are peeping toms at the keyhole of eternity. Did he make it a bit early in this life?

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