Tasmin Khan: the BBC NUDE reader

Nude reader…?  You mean newsreader.

BBC newsreader, Tasmin Lucia Khan, the sexy 30-year-old, soon to read the bulletins on new breakfast show has stripped off courtesy of images leaked to the Sun Newspaper.  (Please read update)

Tasmina stripped off for a series of explicit shots between 2003 and 2006. Tasmin grew up in North West London, with her Bengali family.


She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Politics, and later landed her first TV job with Indian channel Zee TV.

Nude reader is coming soon to your living room.

Update: Tasmin Khan Takes the States

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11 thoughts on “Tasmin Khan: the BBC NUDE reader

  1. I’d be pissed off if Tasmin was my Ex too. But I wouldn’t send her photos to a tabloid paper even for the money! She is a beautiful woman!

  2. I just looked at the pics on The Sun, does anyone else find it odd that they are highly air brushed?

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