Sarah Palin: Mrs. Know it all

Mrs. know it all

Sarah Palin: how to pretend  to be preppy and British?

Why pretending: People use social pretenses to get praise, to maintain and augment their self-esteem.

Sarah Palin says President Obama‘s handling of the Gulf spill shows the value of executive experience and suggests he talk to somebody who has some—somebody like Sarah Palin.

In her latest post on Facebook, the former Alaska governor slams the president for not speaking directly with BP CEO Tony Hayward  and says it’s the president’s duty to hold meetings on a “CEO-to-CEO level,” to verify what BP says, CNN reports

Have you ever pretended to be the opposite gender on the internet?


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5 thoughts on “Sarah Palin: Mrs. Know it all

  1. Sarah Palin: You asked President Obama to call you up, regarding Your [Experience] on the [BP Oil Crisis] ?

    1. You were Not Governor during the 89 Exxon Valdez Oil Spillage and that Governor was Helpless as Governor PiYush [Bobby] Jindal is today.

    2. You only have 2 1/2 Years as Governor of Alaska.

    3. You Never had an Under Water Oil Eruption-Explosion to Deal with in your 2 1/2 years as Governor of Alaska, so What should President Obama be calling You for in Particular. You Couldn’t Deal with Holding on to Your Elected Job for a Full Term, yet You Act as if You’ve Served 3 Terms as Governor [Foolish & Delusional] Indeed.

    4. To this Day, No President of Any Country has Dealt with this kind of Crisis. Correction:


    Note: Mexico – 1980 – 100 million gallons
    An accident in an oil well caused an explosion which then caused the well to collapse. The well remained open, spilling 30,000 gallons a day into the ocean for a full year.

    5. This is BP’s Problem, BP’s Responsibility, BP’s Ill-Preparedness and BP will have to Pay, Each State as well as the People within those [Affected States]

    6. The President could call the Entire Navy and Coast Guard Fleets as well as National Guardsmen and all they can Do is Watch at Sea and Help Clean Up on Land, that’s it. as David Brooks Stated…

    “The Government is Not in the Oil Business, that’s BP’s Job”

    Palin:Prove to Your [Adoring Zombies] in Your 2 1/2 Years as Governor, that You’ve Dealt with Anything on this Scale or Magnitude.

    If I can Expose You like this, just Imagine,what The Mass Media and Pres. Obama will Do To You.

    The Name Calling, Fault Findings and Antagonizing during such a Crisis is Hollow and Pointless.

    You Give Insults, Because that’s all You have to Give, Because, You have No Resolutions or Answers to the Problem, other than…

    [Infantile-School Yard Insults]

    Grow Up

  2. Thank you for the detailed comment, appreciate the effort with preparing the list.
    Now to your question, what Palin would do? go to a Manhattan upscale store and buy everything at sight.

  3. Palin is a modern day Jethro Bodine. She does know everything.
    Maybe she should try becoming a double naught spy or brain surgeon as Jethro often aspired. Palin is so amazing going around the nation endorsing candidates she doesn’t even know and getting paid for it! Incredible that someone could possibly know all the issues involved in those states and know so much about those candidates she endorses yet doesn’t even know! Yep, only Sarah could be that smart.

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