Iranian Burqa, Lady Ahmadinejad Picture, now you know why

Iranian burka

lady Nejad

Niqab (burqa) is the modest dressing of respected women, unlike the sluts of “Boobquake” (the root of all evil on earth).   But what about burqageddon , burqa armageddon.  Have a good look at the pics of Nejad’s wife, you will know the source of his mental problems.

Ahmadinejad, thug-in-chief of Iran Islamic Republic , is known as a notorious leader on a collision course with a nuclear holocaust.  Ahmadinejad is facing some serious problems

TEHRAN -Iran’s main opposition leaders on Tuesday called for protests to mark the first anniversary of the June 12 disputed presidential vote, setting the scene for a fresh showdown with Islamic hardliners.

Economic: A Struggle With Subsidies

Iran’s economic problems are linked to its extensive use of subsidies — billions of dollars a year — to keep basic necessities such as electricity, gasoline, bread and other food staples far below their true market value

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has recently told Iran that there will be “serious consequences” if Tehran keeps its stance on the nuclear issue. Lavrov’s remarks were considered as the most serious warning Russia has issued to Iran so far. Meanwhile, Russia also announced it would not support the final document of the international nuclear disarmament conference recently held in Tehran

Sun tanning:

Sun worship appears to be the latest threat to Iranian security as authorities announce that suntanned women will be imprisoned.

Got it? Burqa is a real threat to world peace.
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