Emma Poole used surplus tissue from her body to go from a 32 B to a C cup


The operation, carried out under local anaesthetic, involves the patient having fat removed during liposuction, mixed with other body cells, and then reinjected into the breasts.

Emma considered injections of synthetic filler Macrolane – a procedure known as ‘the boob jab’, which can boost the breasts by a cup size.

‘I began speaking to surgeons about other options, which is how I was offered the chance of having a PILF breast enhancement by the Viel brothers.

Surgical fat transfer is nothing new. During the two-hour procedure, liposuction is used to remove fat from the patient’s stomach or thigh area.

‘Traditional liposuction involves the surgeon manually breaking up the fat with a cannula – a tube that removes fluid – often rupturing blood vessels within the fat, causing bruising, bleeding and possibly nerve damage,’ says Dr Roberto Viel.

‘So we use Vaser Lipo, a machine that uses ultrasound waves to liquidise the fat, allowing us to remove fat cells while causing minimal damage.’

Around two-and-a-half pints of fat are needed to boost the breasts by one cup size.

After the fat harvest, 50ml of the patient’s blood is placed in a centrifuge to separate cells known as platelets which contain stem cells, which are mixed with harvested fat and injected into the breasts.

The areas where the fat would be removed were circled with a felt-tip pen, as were the areas on the breasts into which the fat would be injected. The swelling seemed to have settled and my breasts were not so sore – in fact, the puncture sites were more painful than the breasts.’

More importantly, there is the issue of breast cancer.

It is also possible to get calcification in the breast tissue.

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