Big Brother Toys

Executives at the Ministry of Truth have revealed that Big Brother really is watching you. The GPS Navigation systems and On Star systems in cars and cell phones are actually tools of Big Brother to keep track of the location of his citizens through his watchful eye.

Said Isaac Orwell of 1984 Downing Street, “I am so happy that Big Brother keeps track of me and knows where I am at all times in case I get into trouble. It makes me feel so much safer and sleep better at night, knowing that.”

Winston O’Brien, spokesman for the ministry of truth, echoed those sentiments. “The people should sleep easier, knowing that their government is watching over them and keeping them safe.”

“We begin this watching with such helpful initiatives as the Patriot Act and suspending that awful Bill of Rights and the stupid concept of civil liberties.”

“You should rest easy at night, knowing that your government really is “of” and “for” the people.”




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IPhone V Android: How I LOOK?

Perception is the only reality!

Is it true an IPhone user is see as Darth Vedar by Android user?

Is Typical Blackberry user seen as a dinosaur by IPhone user?

Does Android user looks at himself as Einstein?

How do you see yourself, How family and friends see you?

Don’t look any further, click here “Me, Myself ‘N Smartphones”

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Android Outpacing IPhone

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The latest quarterly smartphone results  from market research firm comScore, surprisingly, Google‘s Android platform continues to capture market share while everyone else stands still
According to comScore, smartphone usage is up 18 percent in the latest quarter, sitting just shy of 43 million users. And while Google’s Android OS sits in fourth place behind RIM, Apple, and Microsoft, it’s the only one with a significant trend upwards. 


As comScore puts it, “Google’s Android platform continues to see rapid gains in market share,” which might be an understatement. By contrast, Apple remained stagnant for the quarter, while Microsoft tumbled backwards by nearly the same pace as Android moved forward.

This isn’t really all that surprising, given that all four major wireless carriers in the U.S. now carry Android phones. Apple’s iPhone, on the other hand, is still only available through AT&T, a strategy Apple may want to rethink if it hopes to maintain its lead over most of the competition.

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