Lindsay Lohan: The Second Coming Leaked on Playboy

A big sad joke, if any!

You can read all the leak news here

But some annoying questions jump on

Is this Lindsay Lohan, the angel baby face in “Parents Trap”? I might be wrong but she looks as if she’s in rehab or just finished a community service session. Her boobs are sagging with stumpy bird legs, a 26 years going to 62, a woman worn out from porn business. She better keeps her clothes on and spends in good bra.

Compare this LEAKED pic with Lilo’s look in the “Mean Girls”; she looked all natural, beautiful Long red hair with unique freckles, and a filled out sexy body ..

But Let’s give her the benefit of doubt;

  • Lindsay always looks inept when trying to pose “sexy”.
  • The awkward angle of shooting, and the straddling position she assumed folding over the bunny.

What about Playboy’s LEAK move

  • Is it Playboy’s way of making up for their cover girl’s lack of promotiona­l appearance­
  • The “cover” has been leaked? Who cares about the cover? It’s what is on the inside that counts. :
  • The publicist mentioned  “…strate­gically covers her private parts.” How do parts that have been so public over the years suddenly become private?
  • Why buy the playboy issue when you can rent the movie Machette and see her totally nude for a buck?!!!
  • Not leaked. Deliberate­ly put out there for free publicity from sites like this

When careers head south, the clothes come off. . Next comes Hustler, then on to B grade porn

But not all hope is lost, Go back to your natural look, clean up, make peace with yourself and  we’ll see a second coming Lindsey!

Update 12/09 : Lindsay Lohan Stories

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