TSA fresh from the Press

[Video Link: SNL's phone sex TSA ad, while it lasts on YouTube.]

• On Friday, the TSA announced it would exempt airline pilots from the invasive screening procedures everyone’s so upset about. The rest of us are still screwed.

• Barack Obama to everyone pissed about the TSA: Suck it up, buttercup(msnbc.msn.com)

• Meanwhile, Al Qaeda has moved on to target parcels and freight cargo, in low-cost, low-impact attacks.(aljazeera.net)

• Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, asked on CBS’ “Face the Nation” if she would submit to a pat-down: “Not if I could avoid it. No. I mean, who would?” (cbsnews.com)

• What happens when an ex-cop asks the TSA screeners, “Do I have a right to refuse this search?(hlswatch.com)

• Ralph Nader calls it “Naked Insecurity.” And I call that the name of my next band. (usatoday.com)

• TSA fails to separate myth from truth(elliott.org)


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All About Eating Beards

It’s amazing what can happen when you get a bunch of hill billies together..

Two central Kentucky men were sentenced to probation in connection with a bizarre case in which a third man said he was forced to eat his beard after an argument.

One of the sentenced cut off the victim’s beard and forced him to eat it while his accomplice allegedly held a sickle blade to Westmoreland and his brother during the May incident.

Both men could not say why they made the victim eat his beard other than that things “got out of control” after some heavy drinking. Other sources cite lawnmower as the cause of heated argument.

One of them added, “I ain’t got no excuses about what I done.”

Eating your beard could be a new addition to Beard and Moustache World Champions.

Craziest Beard Video

Beard Community Bulletin Board


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Tasmin Khan: the BBC NUDE reader

Nude reader…?  You mean newsreader.

BBC newsreader, Tasmin Lucia Khan, the sexy 30-year-old, soon to read the bulletins on new breakfast show has stripped off courtesy of images leaked to the Sun Newspaper.  (Please read update)

Tasmina stripped off for a series of explicit shots between 2003 and 2006. Tasmin grew up in North West London, with her Bengali family.

She graduated from Oxford University with a degree in Politics, and later landed her first TV job with Indian channel Zee TV.

Nude reader is coming soon to your living room.

Update: Tasmin Khan Takes the States


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Why Do Pregnant Women Get ALL the Praise, time to know about cycles

Why Do Pregnant Women Get ALL of the Praise

You better get used to that, this is the NEW Normal in your life.

  1. Phase 1: As a newly wed, you were the Master of the house.
  2. Phase 2: You get her pregnant, good boy. Now the focus will be on your wife
  3. Phase 3: all eyes on newborn (you’re now a second class citizen)
  4. Phase 4: the new dog for your toddler is in focus (You’re now a third class citizen)
  5. Phase 5-xxxx: if you wanted to repeat the cycle, go to  phase 3

Nmachi: The blue-eyed blonde baby in black family puzzle, MD’s need your help

Look deeply into the pic and try to answer two questions,

  • Who is not white?
  • Who is  not albino?

Benjamin and Angela Ihegboro’s new born daughter, Nmachi, has baffled genetic experts who are unable to explain why she looks they way she does

Her stunned parents, who already have two black children, just ‘sat and stared’ at their white baby when she arrived, the couple also have an older daughter, Dumebi, two, and a son, Chisom, four.

Doctors say the white-skinned newborn is not an albino.

The blonde, blue-eyed girl’s Nigerian parents say they do not know of any white ancestry in either of their families

What about a genetic twist? But even then, what is with the long curly blonde hair.’

Update: Nmachi Puzzle


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