Lindsay Lohan? Pregnant? April Fools Bad Joke

It didn’t take long for the tweet to ping around the world.

“Its official. Pregnant…” said the three simple words.

malek‘s insight:

Lilo must have been too drunk to realize that April Fool’s was over. There’s was some speculations, the baby will be her drinking partner.

The California Dept of Child Protective Services, In preparation, just in case it’s not  a joke, was interviewing for 50 new staff members just to handle the Lohan baby.

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Lindsay Lohan Is Meteorologist Now

See on Scoop.itSoup for thought

Lilo is sad about hurricane Sandy.

She probably forgot to ad it into her nude collection.

The East Coast is bracing for Hurricane Sandy to hit land, but Lindsay Lohan wants you big babies to quit harshing her mellow with your dramatics.

She doesn’t like the name Sandy, Sally is far better.

Starlet life Lindsay Lohan is no fun, please feel for her.

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Lindsay Lohan ‘clipped a pedestrian with her Porsche’ Footage

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Lilo is always to blame.

Not nude, not pantless, only driving a porsche/

Lindsy can’t catch a break, without someone claiming she ran over them, or stole something. Something stinks about this, and I think it’s the guy’s story.

In all fairness, the guy does not fall to the floor in pain and seems happy enough to walk. Only in America would this go to court and as it’s a “celebrity” it is in the media. If it had happened between two “no bodies” then there would have been an exchange of words and then forgotten about.

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Lindsay Lohan: Is Dominican Sue Good For You?

Troubles never come alone!

Lilo is sued again, this time by a Dominican nanny who claims she was hit by Lindsay Lohan more than a year ago.

When you go through details,  you’ll find another lawsuit that will be thrown out of court. Enough to say that no police report was ever filed of any accident.

Think, Feel Lilo.

(Read Story here) Lindsay Lohan Being Sued by Dominican Nanny who Claims She was Hit – Hispanically Speaking News.

BuzzFeed: Ugly People Problems

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Lindsay Lohan: Role In Death of Osama Bin Laden?

Lilo fake breasts

When it comes to Lindsay Loahn, how is it one careless match can start a forest fire, but it takes a whole box to start a campfire?

Lindsay Lohan got SERVED with a lawsuit on her way into court this morning … by an apparently delusional man who believes he played a role in the killing of Osama bin Laden. Complete reading TMZ here.

Let’s forget about Osama Bin Laden and focus on Lindsay Lohan.

The whole story looks puzzling to me, and even mysterious when it comes to “Lindsay Lohan is a high end prostitute” let me add an escort. Lilo had one of the greatest profiles of a “Mean Girls”. You may have heard the rumours of having sex with filthy rich Arabs at Cannes festival.

Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt.

BuzzFeed: 10 Bizarre Portraits of Ellen DeGeneres

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Lindsay Lohan: Lilo for Liz

Women might be able to fake orgasms. But Lindsay Lohan  can fake a whole relationship.

Lilo is now reading a new movie script about…… Elizabeth Taylor, the idol of sex in the 1950′s and 60′s. Source: TMZ

As per the mag Lilo is receiving more scripts than ever, as more producers trust Lindsay is getting more mature. Don’t forget that we never really grow up, we only learn how to act in public.

Lindsay is making a big success in keeping her image right and center in the eyes of her fans. Dressing in the nude on Playboy, to dressing as a model for Jan jeans is a great example of how to dress for success. From the Platform mag, we can see Lindsay is on the right track, quoting” Dress for success —Lohan’s wardrobe choices for court have been far less than professional. Between her tight, white minidress and her revealing tops, Lindsay has made a less-than-good impression while in court.”

Elizabeth Taylor is know as an inspiring sex goddess, with an eternal love for diamonds and failing 8 marriages. Will Lilo go through the same path?

Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.

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Lindsay Lohan: On Australian Maxim

Happy New Year all,

Business as usual, Lindsay Lohan is now on the cover of Maxim, Australian version.

Looks better than she has in years.
It’s the first time in a while she actually looks her age and not 20 years old. But why forget she’s an actress, not a model?  We all admire her red hair, She needs to tone her blonde hair down.

Oh Lindsay, men want you and women want to be you.  Good luck  getting your life back on track.

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We Love Lindsay Lohan With Clothes On!

Guess the press from her Playboy cover paid off?

Lindsay Lohan is the new face of Jag Jeans.

The 25-year-old starlet has appeared in the new campaign of Jag Jeans, and is seen showing off her figure in a sexy picture .  Linds is rockin’ short jean shorts, a white fringed vest and serious bedhead.

So does Lindsay Lohan look good with her clothes on, too?
Despite her flawed actions, she is just sexy, sexy ,sexy, cute, talented and a mess.

Nice legs, sure, after  Photoshop!!. Lindsay‘s legs don’t really look that. They are stockier than what’s shown. It’s the same thing with the Playboy spread –
Lilo’s Playboy spread and campaigns go hand in hand.

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Lindsay Lohan: The Second Coming Leaked on Playboy

A big sad joke, if any!

You can read all the leak news here

But some annoying questions jump on

Is this Lindsay Lohan, the angel baby face in “Parents Trap”? I might be wrong but she looks as if she’s in rehab or just finished a community service session. Her boobs are sagging with stumpy bird legs, a 26 years going to 62, a woman worn out from porn business. She better keeps her clothes on and spends in good bra.

Compare this LEAKED pic with Lilo’s look in the “Mean Girls”; she looked all natural, beautiful Long red hair with unique freckles, and a filled out sexy body ..

But Let’s give her the benefit of doubt;

  • Lindsay always looks inept when trying to pose “sexy”.
  • The awkward angle of shooting, and the straddling position she assumed folding over the bunny.

What about Playboy’s LEAK move

  • Is it Playboy’s way of making up for their cover girl’s lack of promotiona­l appearance­
  • The “cover” has been leaked? Who cares about the cover? It’s what is on the inside that counts. :
  • The publicist mentioned  “…strate­gically covers her private parts.” How do parts that have been so public over the years suddenly become private?
  • Why buy the playboy issue when you can rent the movie Machette and see her totally nude for a buck?!!!
  • Not leaked. Deliberate­ly put out there for free publicity from sites like this

When careers head south, the clothes come off. . Next comes Hustler, then on to B grade porn

But not all hope is lost, Go back to your natural look, clean up, make peace with yourself and  we’ll see a second coming Lindsey!

Update 12/09 : Lindsay Lohan Stories

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