Jesse James’ porn star ex-wife, stripper ex-mistress back for more

Welcome back to the land of never never

Bombshell and Janine
  1. Porn star Janine Lindemulder is going back to court to get more custodial rights over her and Jesse’s daughter Sunny. Lindemulder was serving time for tax evasion
  2. James is in full custody of his daughter, in part due to Sandra Bullock‘s  letter to court saying James was a great dad.
  3. James is still hopeful, he was photographed out this weekend still wearing his wedding ring after issuing an apology on Friday.

Every cloud has a silver lining…?!  We’ll see.

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Jesse James Nazi photos : coming soon

James and Bullock at the Oscar party

A new spin on an old story

Jesse James Nazi salute photos will be available online soon, if the price is right. Photographs showing James wearing an SS hat that looks identical to the one Michelle Bombshell McGee wore in her now famous Nazi pose are being shopped around online.

Both TMZ and Radar Online have viewed the Jesse James Nazi photo and confirmed it’s really Jesse in the pictures. The Nazi photo of Jesse James was reportedly taken two years ago. He was married to Sandra Bullock when he posed for the photos.

Jesse James’ reputation is going down the drain.

Getting interesting every day.

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Michelle McGee Homepage: Bombshell Dumped.. Again!!!

Bombshell McGee

Remember this post last week

Looks like someone took the picture for real. The owner of the Angry White Boy Clothing says despite huge traffic to his Web site generated from McGee’s claim that she had an 11-month sexual affair with Jesse James,  has dumped McGee because rumors tying McGee to white supremacist ideology have now tainted his company.

McGee does have a tattoo of a “W” on one leg and a “P” on the other, which TMZ reported stands for white power.

McGee’s homepage, is down for whatever reason.  Her MySpace profile is still up, but has gone private.

Dumped twice in a week, first by James and then by sponsor?  some relief for all fans of Sandra Bullock.

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Bullock, Jesse and McGee Love Triangle: a new twist

Could Jesse be the victim?  Search for Eve!

  • TMZ got photos of Nazi McGee, a white racist ( Bombshell cash register is ringing)
  • McGee got  only $30,000  to reveal the affair in her last week interview with In Touch (Bombshell cash register is still ringing)
  • McGee and Jesse had their last sex meeting eight months ago (when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth)
  • Bullock and Jesse were involved in a heated legal dispute with Jesse’s ex wife, Janine Lindemulder.
  • Lindemulder lost custody of her daughter to Bullock and Jesse.

Lindemulder engineered this whole mess?  Hollywood never stopped to amaze me. Tell me what you think

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Bullock vs Bombshell: Jesse is the villian

A new Greek mythology!

Sandra Bullock, the next door girl cheated by hubby Jesse with Bombshell McGee while filming “The Blindsides”….?

Bombshell McGee, the tattoo model has come out with the pronouncement that Jesse was sleeping with her after lying to her that he was not on with Sandra. She alleges that, thus, Jesse betrayed both the women- herself and his wife Sandra.

Speaking to Touch Magazine, she claims, “I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man. He gave me the impression they were separated.”

How it all started

While Bullock was out for the shoot, McGee sent West Coast Choppers a friend request, hoping she’d snag a modeling gig.

Much to her surprise, James replied to her with his personal email and asked a meet-up. McGee said that the meeting was never about business.

McGee also said she was star struck when she met James for the first time. She also said that after James gave her a tour of his garage, James brought her to his office and locked the door, and they ended up “on the couch”.

McGee adds that she and James had sex two or three times that night and that they were texting and meeting up to have sex at least twice a week for the next five weeks.

Read more: How Jesse James and Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee “ended up in couch” | The Daily Inquirer
Via: The Daily Inquirer

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