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Poster for American Women to vote in 2014 mid terms

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Win Women, Win the Midterms

3 Ways Women Can and Should Have It All | Young Entrepreneur Council

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There is no reason women shouldn’t have it all: a brilliant career, a loving family, and a passionate life. Entrepreneur Elizabeth Schaeffer shares three tips for women who won’t settle for boring.

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Why the cult of youth is making women in their thirties feel much older?

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Our youth-obsessed society is making ever younger women feel old, argues 30-something Emma Woolf.

malek‘s insight:

If you’re a human it’s natural that you age and die, you better get on with life. Attitude and self-confidence are ageless

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Chastity Belt: No way-In

The Mummy returns, not exactly!

Chastity belt is equated with over-protectionism,  antiquated, or is cumbersome, or provides unnecessary or nasty shelter.

In our modern myth the chastity belt was used to fight temptation  during the Crusades. When the knight left for the Holy Lands on the Crusades, his wife would wear a chastity belt to keep her faithfulness to him. There is no credible evidence that chastity belts existed before the Crusade. No historical evidence, got it?

Myth #1:, the medieval chastity belts application would have been very limited, no technology to produce a comfy belt.

The chastity belts were more used in the 1800-1930 period, as a measure against Masturbation!

Myth #2: Chastity belt is in the grave.

In modern times it is still in use, in fact thriving as a sex toy between consensual adults. It’s also used an anti-rape tool during riots targeted against ethnic minorities.

If you think Chastity belts as dinosaurs, think again.


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Russians Storm Pirated Oil Tanker, Free Crew

Russian commandos on submarine

An iron feast, you have to respect the Russians for this quick blast  of Somali Pirates.

A blitz commando operation at dawn time, freeing all 23 sailors, busting 4 pirates and killing a fifth. Good intelligence, decision to strike was made with the knowledge that the crew had locked themselves in a safe room and were not at risk.

This is an update of yesterday’s post.

Well doneRussian commandos, just eliminated more 5 pirates and gave a deafening message to all Pirates of the Somalians.

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Pirates of the Somalians: under new management

A 17th-century pirate flag.

Somali Vs Islamist pirates

See the arrows fly,  flaming in the sky,

Hear the screams of men, as they die

Pirates on Wednesday seized a Russian oil tanker with a crew of 23 on board in the Gulf of Aden,  and a Russian warship on route, the local news agency reported.

The news come just few days after an epic battle in Haradhere, The hard-core radical  Hizbul Islam organization dispatched thousands of fighters  to take over the coastal city of Haradhere,  better known as “pirate haven”.

Experts estimate more than 70 piracy organizations ranging from small bands of 3-4 people to well oiled organizations of hundreds made their home in Haradhere. According to the BBC, the Hizbul Islam (Party of Islam) may have attacked the pirates in a dispute over money.

Fears are mounting over the approximately 360 hostages who were being held by the pirates, in fact, the Voice of America has the distressing news that at least three hijacked ships carrying hostages went back out to sea after the Hizbul Islam attack.

Bottom line: Islamists battle pirates of the Somalians for the spoils


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Jesse James’ porn star ex-wife, stripper ex-mistress back for more

Welcome back to the land of never never

Bombshell and Janine
  1. Porn star Janine Lindemulder is going back to court to get more custodial rights over her and Jesse’s daughter Sunny. Lindemulder was serving time for tax evasion
  2. James is in full custody of his daughter, in part due to Sandra Bullock‘s  letter to court saying James was a great dad.
  3. James is still hopeful, he was photographed out this weekend still wearing his wedding ring after issuing an apology on Friday.

Every cloud has a silver lining…?!  We’ll see.

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Bullock, Jesse and McGee Love Triangle: a new twist

Could Jesse be the victim?  Search for Eve!

  • TMZ got photos of Nazi McGee, a white racist ( Bombshell cash register is ringing)
  • McGee got  only $30,000  to reveal the affair in her last week interview with In Touch (Bombshell cash register is still ringing)
  • McGee and Jesse had their last sex meeting eight months ago (when dinosaurs were still roaming the earth)
  • Bullock and Jesse were involved in a heated legal dispute with Jesse’s ex wife, Janine Lindemulder.
  • Lindemulder lost custody of her daughter to Bullock and Jesse.

Lindemulder engineered this whole mess?  Hollywood never stopped to amaze me. Tell me what you think

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Bullock vs Bombshell: Jesse is the villian

A new Greek mythology!

Sandra Bullock, the next door girl cheated by hubby Jesse with Bombshell McGee while filming “The Blindsides”….?

Bombshell McGee, the tattoo model has come out with the pronouncement that Jesse was sleeping with her after lying to her that he was not on with Sandra. She alleges that, thus, Jesse betrayed both the women- herself and his wife Sandra.

Speaking to Touch Magazine, she claims, “I would never have hooked up with him if I thought he was a married man. He gave me the impression they were separated.”

How it all started

While Bullock was out for the shoot, McGee sent West Coast Choppers a friend request, hoping she’d snag a modeling gig.

Much to her surprise, James replied to her with his personal email and asked a meet-up. McGee said that the meeting was never about business.

McGee also said she was star struck when she met James for the first time. She also said that after James gave her a tour of his garage, James brought her to his office and locked the door, and they ended up “on the couch”.

McGee adds that she and James had sex two or three times that night and that they were texting and meeting up to have sex at least twice a week for the next five weeks.

Read more: How Jesse James and Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee “ended up in couch” | The Daily Inquirer http://www.thedailyinquirer.net/jesse-james-and-michelle-bombshell-mcgee-ended-up-in-couch/0311114#ixzz0iWoaCa4N
Via: The Daily Inquirer

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