Clinton: ‘Cultural Tradition’ is No Excuse For “Female Genital Mutilation”

A half truth is a whole lie.

US secretary of State, Hilary Clinton had the guts to state that cultural tradition is no excuse for mutilation, torturing women, known as female genital cutting, a practice that is sometimes referred to as female circumcision.

Purity and Cleanliness is not protected by a physical cut, of the most sensitive parts of female genitalia. Although Clinton said many cultural differences should be respected, but FGM  is not one of them.

At the first State Department event marking the International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation, Clinton said religious leaders are the spearheads in eliminating the practice in societies that wrongly believe it is a religious doctrine or where it is accepted simply because it has been done for generations (We repeatedly stressed those leaders as the arch nemesis of any legal ban, case in point: Egypt with rising numbers of FGM even after a legal ban and multiple fatwa)

In fact, the issue of immigrants coming to the west to impose their values should have been carefully stressed, but it’s a step in the one thousand miles march.

The more we bring this FGM issue to media attention, it gets more difficult for the tribal mentality to defend barbaric action as part of a culture, it’s just a plain lie.

Those who think it is permissible to tell white lies soon grow color-blind.

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Theresa May: ‘Shocking’ number of girls still undergoing female genital mutilation in the UK

Via Scoop.itSoup for thought

More FGM in UK.

When are our politicians going to admit that it is NOT RACIST to stop these mutilations in UK You can’t even get a tattoo legally until you’re 18. The cost of multiculturalism is soaring.

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Female Genital Mutilation: The International Day of Zero Tolerance of FGM

FGM shown on a 21-year-old Sudanese patient, d...

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Today is the day!

The WHO announced On the UN International Day of Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation that efforts will redouble to bring an end to the practice of female circumcision

Good luck, we have been debating the subject for a long time here, here and here.

Let’s use the day to listen to the other side of the story, what’s the opinion of females who enjoy the practice of FGM.

Here’s a quick list of the most arguments,

  • Westerners trying to impose a “zero tolerance” policy fail to re alize that these religious rites are generally enacted not by men but by women who believe it is a cosmetic procedure with aesthetic benefit.
  • Americans and Europeans outlawing FGM, when they enforce their own forms of genital modification, like the circumcision of boys or the cosmetic surgery for women like genital piercing or breast augmentation.
  • In general, if the practice is one that is done with full consent of all concerned, then it is hard to argue against the doing of such a procedure
  • Female circumcision is shared with joy and jubilation, a sign of womanhood, and a sure sign of compliance with the teaching of mothers and grandmothers.
  • It’s our culture, our religion, you have no right to change it, or your multiculturalism is of double standards. Say No to Americanization of the world.
  • The West best help is to provide more anesthia and abundance of sterilised blades to reduce infections and complications. Whoa?

Sometimes, I feel we will give up and probably start legalizing these outdated cultural values

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Female Genital Mutilation: Fire Eyes The Movie

NO FGM Symbol - Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting

You can really see the pain and humiliation in the eyes of FGM victims.

We previously discussed  the complications of female circumcision, such as infection, the genital  or worse, the removal  of the sensitive sites  of sexual pleasure. Sexual intercourse will turn into unbearable duty for wives to perform for the sake  of reproduction. In this part of the world man is the only human to enjoy sex, and extend his authority over all females in his household.

The overall culture is pushing the picture of “CLEAN” circumcised woman, supported not only by men, but more effectively by mothers and other elder women (who have gone through FGM).

Fire Eyes, is a great documentary of this heinous practice and complications, made by a great Somali woman who was mutilated in her childhood.  I strongly recommend watching this 60-minutes documentary.

Time to look the evil in the eyes.

You can watch the documentary here

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Female Genital Mutilation: A Story In Denmark

Rahmah Ali Kudar is facing one of the most important decisions of her life. Her daughter, Huda, is 4 years old, and Kudar must decide whether to submit her to so-called female circumcision, an appalling practice to Westerners — surgical removal of the clitoris and labia — that remains a rite of passage for girls throughout much of Africa. Yet Rahmah doesn’t live in Africa; she lives in Copenhagen, where the custom is widespread enough to have stirred vocal opposition. Female genital mutilation is specifically against the law in Denmark, Britain, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland and is outlawed in other European countries, such as France, by laws on violence against children; but in March the Danish government introduced legislation making it a crime to take girls or young women to another country to be circumcised. Kudar, who is now 32, underwent the procedure in Somalia when she was 9, and will probably spare Huda the operation. “I face so many medical problems myself that I don’t want to give the same problems to my daughter,” she says.

Complete reading here

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4 Reasons to wear Chastity Belt

Back to Chastity Belt,

A chastity belt is a strap up that is made to fit around the waist, locking admission to the wicked parts, thus preventing sex, time left 0. But let’s see why?

4 reasons to wear a Chastity belt:

1. To have your genitalia used and then forgotten about by men who don’t really love you or themselves. (Not a full package).

2. Get heavy with child and left all on her own to struggle to raise a child or children. (No returns accepted)

3. Get STD’s and/or AIDs. African American women have the highest AIDs rate compared with any other population. (Quick looks are deceiving)

4. Feel emotionally and mentally drained, hurt, angry and bitter because of the sexual choices you’ve made with the wrong men. (You accepted quick transaction).

In real life chastity belts were typically used as a measure of self-defence against medieval crotch warfare rather than as a means to subjugate women.

Don’t wear chastity belt and drive.

Chastity Belt: Fetish Artist

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Feminism: Equal Or Sequel

Feminism is a double sword movement.

Feminism is both an intellectual commitment and a political community  to achieve fairness for

women and put an end for sexism in all forms.

Feminism is taking on shoulders the task of fighting Female Genital Mutilation all over We encourage this trend even if it’s linked to controversial Feminism,

Who’s Disney’s?,Who’s Glee’s?

Female Infibulation

The most radical form of female circumcision.

an excerpt from Wikipaedia.

Infibulation, in modern usage, is a practice of surgical closure of the labia majora (outer lips of the vulva) by sewing them together to partially seal the vagina, leaving only a small hole for the passage of urine and menstrual blood. The legs are bound together for approximately two weeks to allow the labia to heal into a barrier. The procedure is usually done on young girls before the onset of puberty, to ensure chastity. It is usually performed at the same time as removal of the clitoris. The labia minora (inner lips of the vulva) are often also removed.

Infibulation is used by practitioners to render women sexually inactive, unlikely to engage in intercourse, and the visibly intact barrier of infibulation assures a husband he has married a virgin.

The barrier produced by infibulation is usually penetrated at the time of a girl’s marriage by the forcible action of the penis of her new husband, or, if he is unsuccessful, by cutting the connected tissue surgically.[1]

According to the United Nations’ End Fistula Campaign, this particular form of female genital cutting frequently results in organ damage, urinary incontinence, obstetric fistula. and death.

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