“Miss Oklahoma”, “Morgan Elizabeth Woolard” after the storm

I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theory.

Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolward was the prey in Miss America pageant.  Miss Woolard was well ahead of Rima Fakih after the evening gown, when she was stunned by this question about Arizona Immigration law. the crowd exploded  in boos over the infringement of politics.

Miss Woolward had the courage to express her support for the state authority, which cost her the title.

We salute the Miss Oklahoma 2010 for  the real American spirit of speaking your mind.

See for yourself, Miss Oklahoma or Miss

Stripper 101

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Rima Fakih, Donald Tramp, what’s the big deal about “stripper 101″

Miss USA 2010

Reputations are brittle, for a person or a society

Rima Fakih was trashed within hours, after her pole dancing pics surfaced.

We said it first here Rima Fakih had to win the pageant for pure political reasons. Live shown scores pointed to Miss Miss Oklahoma Morgan Elizabeth Woolard ahead of Rima Fakih after the swimming and evening gown competitions. As soon as Miss Oklahoma showed support for Arizona controversial immigration law, she lost the title to Rima.

Bottom line, Miss USA is now a political beauty pagan contest..

What about the pole dancing pics, you can trash them, Mr. Tramp’s aids made this statement,

It would be foolish to consider anyone other than Rima to represent the USA. The photos taken from our website are no more provocative than those on the Miss USA website.

You can see the Lingerie show here

So if Miss USA organization allows its contestants (and encourages them) to pose like this, what’s the big deal about the Striper 101 contest?

Hard to find Photos

OMG: RIMA FAKIHPartying Her FACE OFFBefore DUI Arrest [PIC]

Update: Rima Fakih Arrested under DUI!

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