Weird Condoms For Porn and Beyond

Porn controls the world, man is the first victim of their dream sex partner.

Now the government is again shattering your dreams.

“Most of the porn you’ll watch in the future may very consist of threesomes: a dude, a woman, and a condom. Newly passed legislation makes condom use mandatory while filming adult movies in Los Angeles — and that includes the San Fernando Valley, which is the nation’s unofficial porn capital. Health officials have hailed the landmark vote, saying it’ll prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases; the multibillion-dollar porn movie industry claims movie sales will go flaccid, and has threatened to relocate.”

Read it here from Modern Man

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Harry Potter V Trojan: Who’ll Protect your Magic Wand?

Nothing tastes like Harry Potter jokes, especially color jokes.

  • Where does the name Hogwarts appears outside of Harry Potter’s universe? In the Molesworth books, Hogwarts is the title of one of Molesworth’s fake Latin plays.
  • It is also the name of the Headmaster of Porridge Court, the rival to Molesworth’s school, St. Custard’s.
  • In the film Labyrinth, the character Sarah called Hoggle “Hogwarts” by mistake.

No HARD feelings of  Harry Potter 3. Relax and enjoy!

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A ruthless toothed condom in South Africa during World Cup 2010


How sharper than a serpent’s tooth it is to have rapists all over the place.

A South African doctor unveiled  a new female condom that will help prevent rape in the most painful way possible.

A would-be rapists will soon be in for a horrible shock from a medieval-looking female condom designed to deliver on-the-spot excruciating punishment. Rape-axe is inserted  like a tampon that latches into a man’s penis during penetration and once embedded to a man the device can only be removed by a doctor.

South African doctor Sonnet Ehlers, the inventor of the mini-torture chamber, is distributing 30,000 of the condoms during the World Cup. “It hurts,” Ehlers said. “He cannot pee and walk when it’s on. If he tries to remove it, it will clasp even tighter.”

Fighting tooth and nail, literally.

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