Lindsay Lohan, Double Arrest orders in two continents?!

lindsay lohan breast

Lindsay Lohan is outfoxing the law!

A photograph of Lohan partying in Cannes,  next to a table with what appears to be coke on it.

Later on Lindsay is saying the cocaine photo was “set up.” What a relief..

Lindsay is at Cannes Film Festival to  promote her new film about Linda Lovelace, a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge issued a warrant for her arrest, stating  that she had “no valid excuse” for ignoring a probation hearing in a drunken-driving case.

According to Reuters, hours later, her legal team posted bail of $100,000, , which allows Ms. Lohan to stay away from jail by providing money that would be forfeited if she became a fugitive. Ms. Lohan’s lawyer, told the judge that the actress was stranded in France because her passport had been stolen at the festival. The same lawyer  has since said that Ms. Lohan got a new passport, though it was unclear when she would return to Los Angeles.

Lindsay has been on a one-way trip for a long time, what a waste!

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