Sex shop thrives in Bahrain, Customs official G-Spot

Bahrain sex shop

Against all odds,

In conservative Gulf, a Bahraini sex shop is booming. Khadija Ahmed’s sex shop has survived despite Conservatives denounce shps  as un-Islamic and some western suppliers shy away from them afraid of Islamist mob wrath.

Discussing and displaying sex in public is a taboo in most Middle Eastern countries, but Islamic scholars have also said that sex toys are legitimate if used by married couples. (Look Syria here)

Customs G-spot,

One frequent challenge of Khadija, is customs official. She often falls in trouble getting her shipments cleared through customs and once ran into a spot of hassle when an official refused to clear a shipment of massage tools and vibration rings.

Expansion is Khadia’s next move, opening branches in Dubai, Lebanon and in one of Bahrain’s shopping malls, as her store has grown too small to display all of her products on shelves.

Will sex toys be the magic wand?

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